Wilsonville, Oregon – WaveCel, a leading innovator in brain protection technology, is announcing a significant change in its sales strategy, discontinuing direct-to-consumer sales of WaveCel Construction Safety helmets through wavecel.com. The company is now prioritizing a distributor model to elevate customer reach and service within the construction safety market.

Through strategic partnerships with leading distributors, WaveCel safety helmets and accessories are now conveniently accessible on select distributor websites including:

  • Safewerks
  • TPR Industrial
  • White Cap
  • Colony Hardware
  • Verno Safety
  • Safety Products Inc

“Our primary objective is to ensure that our construction industry customers not only have access to the most advanced safety helmets but also receive comprehensive support and education on their usage,” explained David Visnack, CMO of WaveCel. “We firmly believe that the distributor model is the most effective way to reach and serve our customers, enabling us to offer localized support and expertise.”

In addition, WaveCel is transitioning away from direct sales on Amazon.com. The company plans to establish third-party representation on the platform within the next 30-45 days, ensuring sustained availability and accessibility of WaveCel products to a broader audience.

WaveCel technology, crafted through meticulous research and development, integrates innovative materials and design principles to provide unparalleled protection against brain injuries. Inspired by nature, the unique cellular structure is precisely tuned to absorb and dissipate impact forces effectively. As we announce our shift to a distributor model, this commitment to cutting-edge technology remains unwavering. WaveCel’s dedication to providing top-notch service and education extends beyond its products to empowering industries with the knowledge needed to make informed safety decisions. The company remains steadfast in advancing safety standards and anticipates a continued positive impact on the well-being of construction professionals worldwide.