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In Simple Terms.

WaveCel behaves like a network of hundreds of interconnected shock absorbers connecting your head and the outer shell of the helmet. It distributes the impact energy through its network of cells. It absorbs impact forces like the crumple zone of a car. It diverts rotational forces by flexing and gliding.

WaveCel System

The WaveCel system is exceptional at mitigating rotational forces that cause brain injury in real-world crashes.

3D Structure

You react in three dimensions, shouldn’t your helmet? Regardless of the direction of impact, the WaveCel matrix distributes and diffuses the crash energy by flexing, crumpling and gliding.

Continuous Crumple Zone

Seamlessly distributes the crash force from the site of impact throughout the matrix of cells to absorb energy and to dampen the impact to the head.

WaveCel protects your head by three mechanisms.

Cells flex to divert the impact force away from the head.

Wavecel Performance


Large area of strain greater than 15%

Smaller area of strain greater than 15%

No areas of strain greater than 15%

Brain Strain
wavecel helmet
wavecel helmet
Frequently Asked Questions

What is rotational acceleration?

Rotational acceleration is the rapid spin of the head caused by the impact.

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