Wavecel absorbs up to 73% more rotational force than a standard helmet lining.*

*Accident Analysis and Prevention 124 (2019) 58–65

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Egg Effect

To illustrate the basic mechanism of brain injury, we constructed a see-through head model and filled it with translucent gel that has a similar density as a human brain. We then suspended two raw egg yolks in the brain gel to visualize brain distortion during an impact. Watch the egg video
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“Bontrager’s Wavecel Helmets Provide Serious Peace of Mind.”

Adam Ruggiero and Sean McCoy / Gear Junkie

“You will continue to see that benefit even for higher levels of energy impacts.”

Claire Maldarelli / Popular Science

“Trek’s wavecel helmet is a game changer.”

Kevin Murnane / Forbes

“Wavecel should be another winner for trek.”

Daniel McMahon / Business Insider

“Wavecel is a high-performance copolymer plastic that makes bike helmets a lot safer.”

Tanner Bowden / Gear Patrol

“You only get one brain. It’s worth protecting.”

Staff Pick / Landis Cyclery

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Exceptional safety for sport helmets from cycling to snow sports



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Safety Beyond Standards

T2+ = Type 2 ANSI approved
T2+ = Rotational impact mitigation