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The next evolution in helmet safety for skiers and snowboarders


WaveCel absorbs up to 73% more rotational force than a standard helmet.*


New helmets for kids

The complete package of WaveCel innovation and safety is now available in Kids and Youth sizes.

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In the Media

"Bontrager's Wavecel Helmets provide serious peace of mind."

Adam Ruggiero and Sean McCoyGear Junkie

Egg Effect

To illustrate this basic mechanism of brain injury, we constructed a see-through head model and filled it with translucent gel that has a similar density as a human brain. We then suspended two raw egg yolks in the brain gel to visualize brain distortion during an impact.

Break Through.


The road is long. Sometimes it is riddled with potholes. Or gravel. Or Sand. WaveCel is tested to protect your brain under a variety of impact conditions.

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wavecel helmet


Bontrager and Wavecel logos

WaveCel partnered with Bontrager to introduce the world to the biggest advancement in helmet safety.