“Safety is not an option!”

Successful implementation of our safety program is paramount to our success and absolute as it relates to our core values. We work in an industry where people are at a safety risk every day and it is imperative that our leadership is always looking for ways to continuously improve our safety program. When I was introduced to the WaveCel T2+ MAX hard hat, it struck me that we have not had any innovation in that area for as long as I can remember, and the sooner we can provide this type of protection for our employees the better. Safety is not an option, and we must provide the highest quality of protection available in the marketplace for our employees.
—Todd Guthrie, President / W.E. O’Neil Construction

wavcel t2+ max work helmet

“1st one saved my life, so I bought it again!”

I had a pretty rough crash about 3 months ago, luckily I came away with just a tiny fracture in my wrist, but I did hit my head while wearing this helmet and I know it saved [me] from a concussion or worse. Bought the exact same one again! Great helmet and it’s easy to adjust for the perfect fit! It’s also ventilated very well so that’s great in the summer heat!
— Sav from Atlanta, Georgia on the WaveCel / Bontrager Starvos helmet

“Highly recommend to competitive cyclists”

I have taken the WaveCel helmet on many century rides, criteriums, and road races as a Cat 3 and have not had any discomfort. Temperatures have ranged from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees and still, the helmet isn’t uncomfortable. A highly recommendable helmet for serious cyclists.
— Carlos from Chicago, Illinois on the WaveCel / Bontrager XXX helmet

XXX black helmet front view

“Saved my noodle”

Riding today and another cyclist changed into my lane oncoming and forced me to the deck .. left side is pizza but def hit my head pretty good. My WaveCel XXX kept my noodle intact.
— Red from Vermont

“Major upgrade”

Everything about this helmet is top notch and it looks awesome, too. Also can’t believe the price of it compared to other less equipped helmets out there.
— Nicholas on the Anon Windham helmet

XXX black helmet bottom view

“It saved my life…”

I have put hundreds of miles on this thing, it is light, it is comfortable and it feels great. Yesterday, I was bombing a hill at around 30 miles an hour, and unfortunately had some bad luck. I was going into a hairpin turn and remember thinking that I was going too fast, next thing I knew I was on the ground sliding. I broke my collar bone and have some bad road rash, but my wavecell saved my head. The side of the helmet is banged up but miraculously I walked away (more like rode away in an ambulance) completely intact in my head. I will never ride without one again.
— Matt from Colorado on the
WaveCel / Bontrager XXX helmet

“Sturdy & Secure”

Snug and comfortable fit. Incorporating the BOA dial into the shell of the helmet is a stroke of genius. I wear this helmet with the Anon M2 goggles and have zero goggle gap. The magnetic clasp is super handy.
— Anthony

“Fine Workmanship”

The fine workmanship is clearly visible. Low weight, BOA system installed in the shell does not obstruct the head movement backwards. This is what I was looking for.
— Tomas Z

“This helmet proved itself where it counts most”

I bought this helmet about four months ago and used it on all my rides, on and offroad. The fit was perfect and very comfortable. The helmet feels as if it firmly covers your whole head rather than sitting on top of it, like a lot of other helmets. The only negative aspect is that I find it a bit warmer than comparable helmets, especially here in South Africa where it gets quite hot – but not a problem on cooler rides. However, the main reason I’m writing this review is that I wore the helmet during the event that we all fear most – an accident where I was thrown over my bars. The helmet remained firmly on my head; I had no neck pain; and through the whole experience the helmet did everything that I bought it for. I fell on the side of my head and got wacked at the back by the bike as well, so I guess the WaveCel and casing did their job perfectly.
— George from Pretoria, South Africa on the WaveCel / Bontrager XXX helmet

“Our people mean everything to us”

What kind of company are we if we don’t truly make a commitment to keeping our people safe every single day? So, when we were introduced to WaveCel, we knew our passion for safety aligned and it was simply the right investment for our people. We always want to make sure we have top of the line equipment in our operations and the WaveCel hard hats integrated perfectly with our safety mission.
– Brian Moore, President / Fry Steel Company

“I love the fit, it is incredibly comfortable”

After using WaveCel helmets for years in cycling, I received my first WaveCel hard hat to try out. I love the fit, it is incredibly comfortable and light, plus it’s packed with the additional protective benefits of the WaveCel technology. With WaveCel bringing its technology to the construction industry, this could raise the bar by which all hard hats are measured. Will a new standard be set?
– Matt Ekerson, Project Executive / Goodfellow Bros

“it’s the most comfortable hard hat I have ever worn”

Having been in the health and safety profession for over 30 years, I have donned many styles and brands of hard hats, all with their own limitations and comfort issues. The WaveCel hard hat design and fit makes me not only feel safer, but it’s the most comfortable hard hat I have ever worn. One of my favorite features of the WaveCel hard hat is its inherent ability to stay on my head without a chin strap or overtightening the ratchet system. Our crews work in a dynamic industry with a multitude of hazards, so this is an important feature.”
– Ken Koppler, Vice President of Health & Safety / US Ecology