A trail-tested mountain bike helmet for any trail, any time

Product Features

Wavecel System

First, cells flex to divert the impact force away from the head. Next, cells crumple to absorb impact energy, like the crumple zone of a car. Finally, cells glide to distribute rotational forces.

Versatile and flexible for any kind of ride.

Highly ventilated for more airflow to keep you cool.

3D Structure

The WaveCel matrix consists of hundreds of engineered cells that react upon impact, flexing, crumpling and gliding.

Lightweight protection, together at last.

Heat Shield
Liner provides an extra shield from the sun.

Continuous Crumple Zone

Seamlessly distribute and diffuse crash force from the site of impact through the cells to provide the largest possible energy absorption.

Protected Comfort
A smooth texture for next-level comfort.

Low impact on your brain, low
impact on the planet.